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The Wound Healing Association of Southern Africa (WHASA) is a multidisciplinary organization incorporating a team approach to wound healing.  WHASA is a non-profit and voluntary multidisciplinary association registered in terms of the Non-profit Organizations Act, Act 71 of 1997 (as amended). As such, WHASA is a voluntary association of persons, which represent members in the health professions of the Republic of South Africa and adjacent territories. The purpose of the Association is to promote and develop skills and specialized knowledge pertaining to advanced wound care. 

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Johlene Sander

Past President of the WHASA & International Liaison. Qualified as a Registered Nurse. She continued her education by doing a Post-basic Diploma in Midwifery and a Postgraduate Diploma Nursing Administration at the University of Stellenbosch. Subsequently she completed The Holistic Wound Management Course at University of Free State and International Interprofessional Wound Care Course (IIWCC), University of Toronto. Work as a Clinical Nurse Practitioner at 2 Military Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa
Affiliations: - WUWHS Representative - Executive Board Member of Commonwealth Society - Executive Board Member of South Africa Lymph and Venous Society (SALVS) - Forum of Professional Society member (FPNS) - Johlene has presented on various National and International Conferences

Brinsley Davids

Since Brinsley started with Wound Care he has been part of WHASA and currently part of their Executive Committee and Secretary. Here is his qaulifications: • B. Cur Nursing Science Degree (UWC University, 2007) Post Grad Cert. Front Line Nursing Management (Life College, 2012) • MSc N Ed (Structured work, not Thesis) • Dip. Holistic Wound Management (UFS 2016) distinction • Dip. Lower Leg Ulcers (UFS 2016) distinction • Dip. Treatment of Complicated Wounds (UFS 2016) distinction • Dip. Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers (UFS 2016) with distinction • Dip. Prevention of Pressure Ulcers (UFS 2016) with distinction IIWCC International Post Grad Certification (Toronto University, 2022)

Nick Kairinos

Introducing the Journal Editor of WHASA. Prof Nick Kairinos is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, who was in private practice for 12 years until last year when he became Head of Plastic Surgery at Stellenbosch University. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Wound Healing Southern Africa and serves on the EXCO of the Wound Healing Association of Southern Africa. He is the only Plastic Surgeon to have obtained a PhD in Plastic Surgery (Biomechanics of NPWT) from UCT and is widely published in this field. He is also a reviewer in this field for seven international peer-reviewed journals. Prof Kairinos is the founding member of the Cape Advanced Wound Care Centre (CAWCC), South Africa’s first true multi-disciplinary wound care center of excellence.

Linda Katz-Hulana

Introducing the Exco Member of WHASA. Linda has qualified as a Registered Professional Nurse at the University of the Free State. She holds a B.A Advance Degree in Nursing Education and Nursing Administration. She has practice as a Critical Care Nurse at Universitas Hospital in Bloemfontein. She was also the unit manager of the Burns unit at Kimberley Hospital in the Northern Cape. She is currently the Head of the Clinical Department at Henrietta Stockdale Nursing College in Kimberley. Subsequently she completed a Diploma in clinical Nurse Science Health Assessment, Treatment and Care at the University of the Free State and the International Interprofessional Wound Care Wound Care Course (IIWCC) ,University of Toronto.

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Wound Healing Southern Africa (WHSA) seeks to publish articles related to wound healing and wound care. This may take the form of original research (clinical or laboratory work), review papers for continued professional development (CPD), case reports, product reviews, and letters (scientific and editorial). The target readership is specialists allied to wound care, general practitioners, and nursing and allied professions with an interest in the field.

All material submitted for publication must be submitted exclusively to WHSA unless both WHSA and the relevant journal have given authorisation to publish. All articles will be sent for peer review. WHSA will not accept material submitted to, or published by, other journals or books. Opinions expressed by authors are their own and not necessarily those of MedPharm Publications, the editorial staff, or any member of the editorial advisory board. The publishers of WHSA accept no responsibility for statements made by contributors or claims made by advertisers nor does the publication of advertisements constitute or imply endorsement. The content of WHSA is protected by copyright.

The “CONSTITUTION OF THE WOUND HEALING ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHERN AFRICA” was last updated in 2010. The constitution includes the name, purpose, objectives, membership, committees, meetings, fees, and dissolution. Click here to view and download the Constitution.

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