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Types of Wounds

Wounds can be categorised into one of the following: Acute, Burn, Chronic, and Cancerous.

Acute Wounds

Acute wounds are often described in 5 categories, based on the mechanism and appearance of a skin injury

Abrasions occur when the skin is scraped off due to rubbing against a rough surface such as a skinned knee or elbow.

Skin Avulsion, also known as degloving, is a serious injury in which the skin is torn from the tissues beneath it and typically involves the skin catching on an object.

A Puncture wound is created when a sharp, slender object penetrates the skin and possibly the underlying tissues.

An Incision wound refers to a clean cut in the skin caused by a sharp object such as a kitchen knife.

A laceration refers to an injury caused by tissue tearing often with damage to other deeper tissue such as bones and muscles.