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Vertice Medtech

Vertice MedTech is a collection of South African companies with specialist skill sets, an established track record with defined medical focus areas with many years of practical skill and with experience in several medical specialities, which it offers to identified stakeholders to achieve best medical industry practise and best possible healthcare delivery to African patients.

Equity Medical Thechnologies

Equity Medical Technologies forms part of Clinigen South Africa, a privately owned South African-based specialist Pharmaceutical and Medical Technology business.

Umsinsi - UHCARE

K2 Medical

At K2 Medical nothing is more important than the health and well-being of our customers, end users , patients and employees and we would to like assure all our stakeholders that we have implemented appropriate measures to navigate these challenging times.

Ample Resources

Next Biosciences

Next Biosciences produces a Human Amniotic membrane biological product called AmnioMatrix.


NuAngle started as a medical device supplier in the urological field but has since expanded into other medical markets (female and male health, surgery, and wound care) as well as the specialised aesthetics market.

NuAngle strives to be the best medical device and medical product supplier. We distribute products across Southern Africa and outlying coastal islands.

Ultra Pure 

We are a biotechnological company situated in Gordon’s Bay, South Africa and have dedicated many years of research and development in order to create and harness the potential of Hypochlorous Acid. We cater to numerous industries both locally, and internationally in the medical, agricultural, cosmetic and many other industries. 

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