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BluLyte is made with Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), which is gentle enough to use around babies and pets but strong enough to keep you and your family safe from bacteria, viruses, and infections. Also, check out our range of BluLyte essential skin and surface disinfection products.


Essity Best Practice Infection Prevention Webinar V02 1



Essity - Leukoplast

Essity Leukoplast Skin Sensitive Launch V02 1


Please see the videos below from  Mölnlycke.

Beier Drawtex

Beier Drawtex Healthcare is a South African medical device company with a global footprint that combines 80 years of manufacturing intelligence with an ambition to change the face of advanced wound care through unique technologies and clinical excellence.

Maisha Medical Parassan


Parassan® is a Primary Wound/ Contact Layer. It’s a neutral wound dressing made of impregnated, non-woven fabric with a non-medicated ointment (Vaseline), used for the treatment of various skin conditions.

Maisha Medical Top Closure

A New Concept for Skin Stretching and Secure Wound Closure.
TopClosure® is an innovative new technology intended to temporarily stretch skin tissues to aid closure and healing of large skin lesions that need to be excised, post traumatic, surgical, acute and chronic skin wounds.



Noxmaria Wound Care (Pure HOCL) - WHASA Presentation-compressed.pdf

We at Ultrapure HOCL (Pty) Ltd pride ourselves in producing one of the purest and most stable forms of hypochlorous acid in the world as per our patented manufacturing process (South African and European patents). Click on the ULTRAPURE name for more info

 We are a biotechnology company situated in Gordon’s Bay, South Africa, and have dedicated many years of research and development in order to create and harness the full potential of Hypochlorous Acid. We cater to numerous industries such as; the medical, agriculture, dental, sanitation, veterinary, and the cosmetic industry; both locally and internationally.

Noxmaria®️ Wound Care is our revolutionary wound care product that has been formulated with the purest and most stable form of HOCl in order to ensure that every patient receives the best possible pure HOCL based wound care solution at an affordable price.

Nu Angle Microdacyn

Safe Effective Antimicrobial 

Next Biosciences

Placelta engineers' regenerative biological products from the placenta for use in a range of conditions including ophthalmology, wound care and aesthetics.