Gregory Weir
Award of Excellence

For his tenure as 3rd president of WHASA 2009-2011:

  • Instrumental in breaking down the professional medical/nursing divide in South African wound care
  • Positioned WHASA on secure financial &

     Management principles

  • Expanded regional influence to include more remote areas of SA;
  • Expanded the status of wound specialization

     beyond the realm of nursing;

Dr. Gregory Weir is a registered and certified Vascular Surgeon. After completing his pre-graduate medical studies and specializing in General Surgery, he sub-specialized and completed the South African College of Medicine’s exams in Vascular Surgery. His interest in treating patients with complex wounds contributed to formal training in advanced wound care (International Interdisciplinary Wound Care Course, University of Stellenbosch) and formal training in hyperbaric medicine (Diving & Hyperbaric Medical Staff Training Course). 

The Wound Healing Association of Southern Africa thereby recognizes those who have:
  • achieved academic excellence and/or who have
  • made significant practical contributions and
  • enhanced the field of wound care within their communities

Academic excellence in wound care:

  • Research
  • Publications
  • Training of Wound Care Professionals

Social contribution:

  • Wound care clinics
  • Hands-on involvement in wound care at the grassroots level
  • Training of caregivers

WHASA membership:

  • Contribution on National and Regional levels
  • Active Leadership
  • Active Membership


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