Hiske Smart
Award of Excellence

Hiske Smart: Lifetime achievement Award

  • Established the pathway for an internationally

    accepted and globally recognized wound-related

    qualification assessable to all specialties in need of

    formal wound care training in Sub Saharan Africa                    

    with the University of Toronto  (Canada) 

  • Facilitated IIWCC course teaching in South Africa from 2010-to 2016;
  • Established wound care in the domain of being an Interprofessional specialty in both independent practice or hospital-based in clinical teams;
  • Advocated self-reliance and responsibility for high

     quality wound care regardless of resources 

     through the establishment of multiple self-

     functioning clinical wound care teams active from

     South Africa through Namibia, Botswana, Malawi,

     Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria to Cameroon.

Currently a Resident in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Still a Clinical Nurse Specialist but now also:

Nurse Manager – Hyperbaric and Wound Care Unit, King Hamad University Hospital, Kingdom of Bahrain. 2013 – current:

  • Managing & overseeing:
  • Clinical Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber work (one multiplace and 5 monoplanes)
  • The ambulatory wound care clinic and wound care team on advanced wound care for Diabetic Foot, Pressure Injury, Vascular insufficiency related wounds and post-surgical complications;
  • A diabetic foot screening and prevention protocol for the island of Muharraq in conjunction with local primary health care to find the diabetic foot at risk earlier to preserve limbs and cost;
  • In-patient wound care services and auditing hospital-wide pressure injury prevalence and incidence data

Still teaching IIWCC in Toronto and in Abu Dhabi

The Wound Healing Association of Southern Africa thereby recognizes those who have:

  • achieved academic excellence and/or who have
  • made significant practical contributions and
  • enhanced the field of wound care within their communities

žAcademic excellence in wound care:

  • Research
  • Publications
  • Training of Wound Care Professionals

žSocial contribution:

  • Wound care clinics
  • Hands-on involvement in wound care at grassroots level
  • Training of caregivers

žWHASA membership:

  • Contribution on National and Regional levels
  • Active Leadership
  • Active Membership


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