Lizl NAude
Award of Excellence

Tenure as 2nd president 2007-2009:

žEstablishing WHASA as a scientific voice in South Africa by the WHSA journal process

žFor putting WHASA on the international platform by the:

-2008 WUWHS bid in Toronto

-2010 Ubuntu Conference

-2011 Wounds International Conference

The Wound Healing Association of Southern Africa thereby recognizes those who have:
  • achieved academic excellence and/or who have
  • made significant practical contributions and
  • enhanced the field of wound care within their communities

žAcademic excellence in wound care:

  • Research
  • Publications
  • Training of Wound Care Professionals

žSocial contribution:

  • Wound care clinics
  • Hands-on involvement in wound care at grassroots level
  • Training of caregivers

žWHASA membership:

  • Contribution on National and Regional levels
  • Active Leadership
  • Active Membership


Wound Healings Association of Southern Africa

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