San Gerryt's
Award of Excellence

-Pioneer in establishing wound care in the domain of the private Nurse practitioner with the bulk of her contributions done in the 1980-1990’s including South African Nursing council presence;-

-Pioneer in establishing inter-disciplinary communication and rapport with the medical fraternity in an era of isolated specialties

-Part of the initial South African Wound care society that culminated into WHASA and contributed in developing the current WHASA constitution.

The Wound Healing Association of Southern Africa thereby recognizes those who have:

  • achieved academic excellence and/or who have
  • made significant practical contributions and
  • enhanced the field of wound care within their communities

žAcademic excellence in wound care:

  • Research
  • Publications
  • Training of Wound Care Professionals

žSocial contribution:

  • Wound care clinics
  • Hands on involvement in wound care at grass roots level
  • Training of care givers

žWHASA membership:

  • Contribution on National and Regional levels
  • Active Leadership
  • Active Membership


Wound Healings Association of Southern Africa

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